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IST Transactions of Undergraduate Research Projects ( URP )
ISSN: 1982-1726 (online)
A Refereed Journal for Undergraduate Research in all fields of Engineering, Pure & Applied Sciences, Mathematics, Technology, and Related Areas in Science. With a primary aim to increase the research and publication culture among Undergraduate Students of universities of science & technology and realizing the importance of brilliant ideas presented in undergraduate research projects, International science and Technology Press (ISTPress) is pleased to announce the launch of IST Transactions of Undergraduate Research Projects. The online publishing of undergraduate project dissertations will: • increase the access of scientific community to the university’s research • open venues for scholarships from universities and sponsorships from industries • enable the students to learn the requirements of an international publication • enable the applicants to assess the research environment of a university • enable the university to assess the research potential of an applicant • reduce plagiarism
Editorial Board
  1. Mr. James Bradley, ISTPress, Canada
  2. Dr. Khurram Aziz, National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS), Pakistan
  3. Mr. qa user, QA, Pakistan
  4. Mr. Shujaat Bhimani, MAJU, Pakistan
  5. Ms. Hellen Warn, KU University, Belgium
  6. Prof. TEEBU SHAH, KU university, Belgium
  7. Dr. hellen rose, university of crown, United States
  8. Dr. Noriyah watson, BJK institute, Germany
  9. Ms. Hellen Rose, University of Uk, Italy
  10. Prof. Sarah Jasfh, I T institute, Italy
  11. Dr. Showan tong, WEll sciences institue china, China
  12. Dr. Janey Suzain, Research Centre of Queensland, Australia
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