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IST Transactions of Renewable and Sustainable Energy ( RSE )
ISSN (Online): 1916-2391
This journal can accept the original manuscripts as well as review articles covering one or more of the following subjects: Renewable Energy- Alternative Energy- Natural Resources- Clean Energy- Sustainable Energy- Solar Energy- Solar Power- Photovoltaic Application- PV Grid Connection- Renewable Energy Electricity Generating Technologies- Solar Water Pumping- PV Solar Water Pumping-Sun Tracking System- Solar Power Tower- Solar Lighting- Solar Drying- Solar Thermal Applications- Solar House-Renewable energy heating and cooling technologies- Passive And Active Solar Systems- Thermal Power- Solar Energy For Agriculture- Solar Water Desalination System- Solar Materials Technology- Wind Energy- Wind Power- Turbine- Hybrid systems- Solar, Hydrogen Fuel Cell- Biomass-Gasification- Biogas- Tidal Power- Wave Power- Hydropower- Hydroelectric- Nuclear Power- Geothermal Energy- Ocean Wave Energy- Ocean Energy- Energy Efficiency- Ground Source Heat Pumps- Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems- Biodiesel- biofuels- Hydrogen- Alternative Fuel- Energy And Recycling Of Wastes- Agricultural residues- Bioreactor- Energy Saving Applications- Global Worming- Greenhouse Gas Emission- Climate Change- Environmental Impact- CO2 Emissions and control- Energy Planning- Thermodynamic Analysis- Computer Modeling- Efficient Refrigeration Technologies- Efficient Lighting Systems- Ventilation Heat Recovery Systems- Variable Speed Motors For Compressors And Ventilation Fans- Low Energy Architecture- Improved Insulation- High Performance Building Envelopes And Windows- Thermal Comfort- Energy Policy Issues And Related Topics- Financial Analysis- Other Existing And Emerging Technologies
Editorial Board
  1. Dr. Long Que, Louisiana Tech University, United States
  2. Prof. Mohamed Shwehdi, King Fahd Univ of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia
  3. Prof. VenkappayyaR Desai, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), India
  4. Prof. Sabah Mushatat, University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
  5. Dr. Amr Sweedan, UAE University, United Arab Emirates
  6. Dr. Mohamed Eltawil, Tsinghua University, China
  7. Prof. Mohamed Mansour, Ain-Shams University, Egypt
  8. Prof. Umapada Pal, Autonomous University of Puebla, Mexico
  9. Prof. Sudha Goel, IIT Kharagpur, India
  10. Prof. Damodar Maity, Indian Institute of Technology, India
  11. Prof. DeoRaj Kaushal, IIT Delhi, India
  12. Dr. Farid Touati, Sultan Qaboos Univ., Oman
  13. Prof. TianWei Ma, University of Hawaii at Manoa, United States
  14. Dr. S K Tyagi, SSS-National Institute of Renewable Energy, Kapurthala, India
  15. Prof. Ahmet Sahin, King Fahd University Petroleum Minerals, Saudi Arabia
  16. Prof. Arif Mehmood, United Arab Emirates University, United Arab Emirates
  17. Prof. Dumitru Tsiulyanu, Technical University, Moldova, Republic of
  18. Prof. Jingsheng Chen, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  19. Prof. Yogesh Patil, University of Pune, India
  20. Mr. SANTOSH SARKAR, University of Calcutta,, India
  21. Prof. Ye Xuemin, China Electric Power University, China
  22. Prof. Hao Gong, National Univeristy of Singapore, Singapore
  23. Dr. Renchang Dai, Iowa State University, United States
  24. Prof. Seda Kizilel, KOC UNIVERSITY, Turkey
  25. Mr. HaiTao Zhang, CentralChina University of Science and Technology, China
  26. Dr. Rasoul Saneifard, Texas Southern University, United States
  27. Dr. Can Ertekin, Akdeniz University, Turkey
  28. Prof. Juan Flores, Universidad Michoacan, Mexico
  29. Mr. Makarand Madhao Ghangrekar, Indian Institute of Technology, India
  30. Ms. Neelam Raheel, BIMCS, Pakistan
  31. Mr. Hasnain Abbas, QA, Canada
  32. Dr. Mohammed-Aslam MA, Government Engg. College Thrissur, India
  33. Ms. Jennifer Diane, SAC, Canada
  34. Mr. Dong Jing, CAS, China
  35. Prof. Yasir Arrfat, IJCSIS, United Arab Emirates
  36. Prof. QI LI, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan
  37. Mr. James Bradley, ISTPress, Canada
  38. Mr. qa qa, qa qa inst, Qatar
  39. Mr. aa cc, lk, Afghanistan
  40. Mr. Hasnain Abbas, TEST, Canada
  41. Mr. qa user, QA, Pakistan
  42. Mr. Shujaat Bhimani, MAJU, Pakistan
  43. Ms. Hellen Warn, KU University, Belgium
  44. Prof. TEEBU SHAH, KU university, Belgium
  45. Dr. hellen rose, university of crown, United States
  46. Dr. Noriyah watson, BJK institute, Germany
  47. Ms. Hellen Rose, University of Uk, Italy
  48. Prof. Sarah Jasfh, I T institute, Italy
  49. Dr. Showan tong, WEll sciences institue china, China
  50. Dr. Janey Suzain, Research Centre of Queensland, Australia
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