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IST Transactions of Computer Vision Systems-Theory and Applications ( CVSTA )
ISSN (Print): 1913-8326
ISSN (CDROM): 1913-8334
IST Transactions of CVSTA seeks original research papers in the following areas of computer vision: Motion analysis and object tracking, Surveillance and Monitoring, Segmentation, Stereo and Structure from Motion, Image-Based Modeling, Illumination and Reflectance Modeling, Pattern recognition in new modalities, Cognitive and biologically-inspired vision, Object Detection and Categorization, Image and Video Retrieval, Video Analysis and Event Recognition, Knowledge Representation and High Level Vision, Control in vision systems, Robotics, Vehicle guidance, Multi-view scene analysis, Object recognition, Representation, analysis and matching of 2D and 3D shape, Perceptual grouping and organization, Color, reflectance and light, Statistical and probabilistic models, Aerial scene analysis and remote sensing, Medical image analysis and understanding, Face and gesture, Image understanding, Biometrics and security, Learning with visual inputs, Automatic model acquisition.
Editorial Board
  1. Prof. YILMAZ SIMSEK, Akdeniz University, Turkey
  2. Mr. Oscar Reinoso, Miguel Hernandez University, Spain
  3. Dr. Qiang Le, Hampton University, United States
  4. Dr. Linlin Shen, Shenzhen University, China
  5. Mr. Lavinia Ferariu, "Gh. Asachi" Technical University of Iasi, Romania
  6. Dr. WaiTak Wong, Syncsort Incorporated, United States
  7. Mr. Ivan Garcia, Technological University of the Mixtec Region, Mexico
  8. Prof. MiguelAngel GuevaraLopez, Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Magnagement, Portugal
  9. Prof. Jose M Molina, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
  10. Ms. Neelam Raheel, BIMCS, Pakistan
  11. Mr. Hasnain Abbas, QA, Canada
  12. Ms. Jennifer Diane, SAC, Canada
  13. Mr. Dong Jing, CAS, China
  14. Prof. Yasir Arrfat, IJCSIS, United Arab Emirates
  15. Mr. James Bradley, ISTPress, Canada
  16. Mr. Chakresh Kumar, Tezpur(Central),University, India
  17. Mr. qa qa, qa qa inst, Qatar
  18. Mr. aa cc, lk, Afghanistan
  19. Mr. Hasnain Abbas, TEST, Canada
  20. Mr. qa user, QA, Pakistan
  21. Mr. Shujaat Bhimani, MAJU, Pakistan
  22. Dr. Sukumar Senthilkumar, Universiti Sains Malaysia,School of Mathematical Sciences,Pulau Pinang-11800,Penang,Malaysia, Malaysia
  23. Ms. Hellen Warn, KU University, Belgium
  24. Prof. TEEBU SHAH, KU university, Belgium
  25. Dr. hellen rose, university of crown, United States
  26. Dr. Noriyah watson, BJK institute, Germany
  27. Ms. Hellen Rose, University of Uk, Italy
  28. Prof. Sarah Jasfh, I T institute, Italy
  29. Dr. Showan tong, WEll sciences institue china, China
  30. Dr. Janey Suzain, Research Centre of Queensland, Australia
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