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last updated on 08-09-2010

Q.1. I have completed the signup process, however I cannot login using my username and password.

Ans: Please check if you are using the right username or password. In case you are getting a message of failed login due to incorrect username or password, you may refer to the signup confirmation email OR use Forgot password option OR send an email to with “login problem” written in the subject field of your email.

In case, after writing username, password and pressing Login, the page refreshes to a new page, then please consider using Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser instead of Internet Explorer, and then try to login with your username and password.

Q.2. I have successfully signed up but I did not receive the activation email.

Ans: During signup, it is possible that you have inserted wrong email address. If this has happened, you may signup again with the correct email address. If you are not sure, you may write an email to with “Activation problem” written in the subject field of your email.

Q.3. How to know that the paper has been submitted correctly?

Ans: PDF filename containing disallowed letters (characters other than a-z, 1-9, - and _) generally ends up with error in submission. To check whether your paper has been submitted correctly, please visit your Author Area and try to download your own paper. If the paper can be downloaded from the website, it means that this paper is submitted correctly.

Q.4. Which are disallowed characters for the manuscript's filename?

Ans: The following characters, if contained in the PDF filename, end up with error in submission: , ; > < . ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) + = ` ' ".

Q.5. Can I submit my paper to more than one transaction at a time.

Ans: No, the paper can only be submitted to one transaction at a time.

Q.6. If my paper is rejected from one transaction, can it be submitted to another transaction.

Ans: Yes, the paper can be submitted to another transaction, provided that one reason of rejection is weaker relevance to the scope of the particular transaction. If an article is submitted to another transaction after rejection, the author must notify the editorial staff before submission.

Q.7. Are IST transactions indexed by SCI/ISI/EI

Ans: The transactions are not yet indexed by ISI/SCI/EI, however the indexing will soon take place with major citation indices.

Q.8. Are there page charges for an accepted article.

Ans: Yes, page charges apply to the accepted articles.

Q.9. Are there any exceptions to the payment of page charges.

Ans: Yes, articles of high merit published in IST Transactions and are cited in other articles of leading journals (SCI/SCI-E) will be entitled for a refund of page charges.

Q.10. What services are covered by standard page charges.

Ans: Online publishing of the article is covered under standard page charges. For CDROM or print version, additional charges will apply.

Q.11. I have submitted my paper 2 months ago, but so far, I have not received the review result.

Ans: Please visit the online Status Information about your submitted paper. Check the date on which your paper has been assigned to reviewers. Starting from that date, if a time of 8 weeks is already passed, you may send an email to informing the delay in review by quoting your paper number. Please write “Delayed Review-Paper No” in the subject field of your email.

Q.12. I have received the Associate Editor's decision on my manuscript 'Accept provided minor changes are made' OR 'Accept provided major changes are made'. How can I resubmit the improved version of my manuscript?

Ans: You are requested to do as follows: Log on with your username and password. Go to your author area, then click 'view submitted papers', find your paper number, click ' Details', find resubmit option, click it and make your resubmission. Please remember that after successful resubmission, your paper No will remain the same whereas the version No will change to next one.

Q.13. I have received the reviewer comments and decision on my manuscript. Can I resubmit my paper?

Ans: No, you cannot Resubmit unless all the reviewers' comments are received and approved by the Associate Editor. Individual Reviewer's comments are made available to you to save your valuable time in revising the paper. The Resubmit option will only appear once the decision of Associate Editor is made. You can access the Resubmit Option through your author area, then click 'view submitted papers', find your paper number, click ' Details', and find resubmit option.

Q.14. My paper is finally accepted for publishing. What am I supposed to do next?

Ans: Please arrange to pay for the page charges, the information about payment can be found on the website or it can be enquired from Please write “Payment Information-Paper No” in the subject field of your email.


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