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Browse Journal: IST Transactions of Civil Engineering and Construction Management

Year: Issue Number:

Paper No Title Abstract
05-10-004 The Conceptualization and Development of Safety Culture in the Construction Industry Show Abstract PDF
  Mohd Saidin Misnan,Muhammad Fikiri Hasmori, Ilias Said, Mustafa M. A. Klufallah
This paper reviews the issues in developing safety culture in construction industry. It argues that accidents at the construction sites are evident that the construction industry is unique in nature but also the cause of safety problems. As buildings become higher and larger, the frequency of accidents also increases. The objectives of this paper are to identify causes of safety problems and provide a conceptual framework to develop safety culture in the construction industry. The factors that influence accidents include human behaviour, different construction sites, complexity of work, lack of safety culture, unsafe use of machinery and equipment, and noncompliance with various sets of procedures. Studies show that accident and injuries at the worksite are often the result of workers’ behaviour and safety culture. Safety culture is more related to workers’ safety practices. This paper suggests that an efficient safety management system creates safety awareness that leads to a culture in the construction industry. Efficient safety culture should be demonstrated to the public as a good value business. Finally, this paper proposes ten best practices that may influence safety culture development in the construction industry.
05-10-003 Study of Acid Attack on Concrete with ISF Slag as Fine Aggregate Show Abstract PDF
  Mr. S.M.S.Shashidhara & Prof. A.K.Vyas
Abstract: The study reported in this paper involves the use of Imperial smelting furnace (ISF) slag from Zinc industry to replace sand in cement concrete. The concrete specimens with fixed water/cement ratio of 0.5 and cement paste volume of 0.32 m3/ m3 and 0.36 m3/ m3 of concrete were studied. The fine aggregate river sand was replaced by the ISF slag in steps of 20% by volume up to complete replacement. All the specimens including that of control concrete were subjected to 5% strong sulphuric acid exposure. The resistance to acid attack on concrete was assessed by a series of observations like visual examination, variation in weight and compressive strength of specimens immersed in sulphuric acid. The concrete with complete replacement of sand by ISF slag recorded 70% less loss of weight and 67 % less loss of compressive strength due to acid attack in comparison to that of control concrete. The concrete with ISF slag completely replacing sand recorded 60% less increase in water absorption due to 91 days sulphuric acid attack in comparison to that of control concrete. The reduction in sulphuric acid attack on concrete with ISF slag as fine aggregate was confirmed by reduced formation of gypsum in the samples obtained from scrapping the surface of acid attacked concrete specimens.
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